There are numerous sales training activity books in the marketplace. We have used and gone through many, but have not found one similar to ours. That’s why we developed our own unique approach to sales activities. Companies we have worked with desired more comprehensive training activities to accompany their sales objectives. They wanted motivation, but with more comprehensive content dealing with specific skills. Products such as these are extremely hard to find. Many are too general or designed for motivational fun, with little content given for serious sales skills building.

The Smart Selling Sales Skills Building Training and Activity Manual  is an accumulation of original creative sales training activities and curriculum for sales training managers, trainers and their audiences. These activities have been used by our firm during our training seminars and during in house training sessions. They have been demonstrated to be highly motivational and focused on the specific needs most salespeople have in areas of creative problem solving approaches, team building, decision making and  alternative solution seeking. Activities allow for individual abilities, interests and strengths to be utilized to their fullest. Participants learn to risk, respond, become involved, and grow as sales professionals.

Individual activities are designed from an educational standpoint that motivates as well as teaches specific concepts and transfers this knowledge into applications. Activities are designed to generate the free flow of ideas, cooperative teamwork, varying perspectives, listening skills, customer understanding and creative decision making techniques.

All activities are designed to add individual accountability and feedback. In addition, they add the element of closure to each concept and activity outcome. They are all curriculum based, with step by step teaching guides. Specific questions have been designed for the trainer to use, to keep sessions and activities focused on attaining the expected outcomes. Individual as well as team effort accountability is incorporated into each activity. Another added feature is that our activities, are accompanied by featured training tips and session evaluation forms to measure training effectiveness. In addition, activities are designed to accommodate flexibility for training time requirements. They can be easily adaptable for increased or decreased time schedules.

Every activity stands alone. Each is titled with content and skill objectives. Activity problems are stated and explained. A list of materials needed, suggested time allotments, specific directions, hand out activity sheets, discussion questions, closure questions, reinforcement points and culminating activities for accountability and future feedback are included.

Each individual activity can be incorporated into a training meeting, seminar or session as trainers see fit. They can select one that best fits a specific criteria to their overall meeting objectives, or can select one and build their sales training objectives around the activity.

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