Blended Training

Managers have many choices and options to choose from when selecting
training for their employees. The majority of available options are event
based, consisting of seminars, workshops or e-learning. Alternative options
have not been available until now.
Majorium has developed its unique Integrated Multicast Learning technology to
provide managers with a powerful effective option.

When seriously evaluated and considered, Majorium’s training programs
deliver the following benefits:

Two major benefits Majorium’s Integrated Multicast Learning technology offers
over traditional training methods, is that it was designed from its inception
to produce measurable results at value pricing.

Majorium has researched and developed its innovative Integrated Multicast
Learning technology to produce the results CEO’s are demanding from their
training departments.

For every dollar companies invest in the Majorium sales training
method, most average a two hundred dollar increase in new sales that
is generated from the direct application of the concepts taught by
the training.

Companies using the Majorium leadership program achieve an average
618% return on their training investments after their first year,
with additional residual returns reported in subsequent years.

Average retention rates for training participants is ninety-two
percent (92%) after thirty days documented through testing, as compared
to ten percent (10%) retention rates for conventional seminar training.

User Friendly Training
Results are obtained when training is continually reinforced and applied. The
Integrated Multicast Learning technology delivers training in one-month segments.
Quality content is delivered to individual employees on their desktop computers.
Employees are not removed from the workplace and there is no excuse not to
obtain the training, since it is delivered directly to them. There is no
need to log on to a website and commit to large blocks of learning time.

Challenging and Engaging Training
Each training lesson is self contained and directed. The use of advanced informational
architecture makes lessons easy to read, use and apply. Each includes a concept,
its implication to the employee, applications, strategies and techniques,
points to ponder and a training activity. Each lesson is designed so that
?what is learned in the morning? can be directly applied to the workplace
?in the afternoon.?

Employees can complete the lessons in short blocks of time at their
convenience. Training activities take longer, but they directly link
and apply the training concepts to employees’ jobs, further reinforcing
the initial training. Timely application gives employees ownership of
the specific ideas, concepts and techniques they have learned.

Rather than be exposed to various single concepts during a seminar, Majorium
reinforces each specific concept an average of eight to ten times during each
month’s training period. Retention is enhanced though continuous reinforcement
and repetition.

Customized Training
Majorium recognizes that approximately seventy percent (70%) of all companies
conduct their own training. Majorium partners with its customers to deliver
exceptional blended training tools that are used internally in the following

  • Managers can design the training they want for their employees.
  • There are six programs for managers to choose from including leadership,
    management sales, sales management, sales service and customer service.
  • Managers can choose the topics they want, while determining the scheduling
    and frequency of training.

Seamless Integration
Majorium’s blended training is coordinated. All elements are integrated, sharing
mutual competencies and curriculums. Concepts are cross-linked and reinforced
multiple times during the monthly training period.

Once training is contracted, it is seamlessly delivered without the
need for expensive content management and delivery infrastructures. Majorium
uses common informational technology used by all companies, to drive
training costs down.

Training managers who are concerned with employee resistance to new
training methods should note that sixty-six percent (66%) of participants
preferred Integrated Multicast Learning over conventional seminar training
(33%) and e-learning (8%).

At the end of each month’s training program, managers can administer tests
for retention and comprehension. Optional on-line testing is available to
managers who require and request it.

  • Employees are tested on-line for both retention and comprehension
    at the end of each training month.
  • Testing scores are directly reported to training managers.

Value and Cost Effectiveness
Majorium has learned to harness cheap technology to profitably deliver training
for $75.00 per participant. Its standard training program includes three
months of comprehensive blended training lessons, group discussion activities
and monthly testing and evaluation. It is able to do this without sacrificing
the overall quality and the results it produces.

Majorium’s Integrated Multicast Learning provides companies with dramatic
increases in overall quality and results with the application of its
innovative blended training technology. This favorably compares with
more costly competitive corporate training.

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