Coaching and Mentoring

Number of Modules:12 Monthly Coaching and Mentoring Modules


Integration:Integrated with the Strategic
and all Blended
Reinforcement Tools


Source of Integration:

  1. Competencies
  2. Curriculum


Frequency:Delivered Monthly in Digital Format


Teaching Materials Include:

  1. Coaching and Mentoring Manual
  2. Summary of Applicable Self-Directed Lessons
  3. Recommended Activities
  4. Coaching and Mentoring Activities and Guidelines


Reinforcement:Self-Directed Lessons included in Training Module and Distributed
to Participants.


Evaluation:Monthly Testing


Recommended Use:At the end of the month after participants have received all the
self-directed lessons included in the training module and prior to


Targeted User:Either corporate trainer, manager/supervisor or an appointed coach
and mentor.

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