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The numbers don’t lie. Study after study have show that organizational training and development is good business. It improves performance and increases profits!

Bednarz Business Strategies is a professional services firm that specializes in the organizational development of small and independent business in the area of marketing, sales and customer service by providing speaking, consulting and training services to its corporate clients.

Bednarz Business Strategies was founded in 1990 by Timothy F. Bednarz, Ph.D., an experienced consultant and presenter to serve the needs of corporate clients in the Midwest. The firm is headquartered in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, which is centrally located between Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison and the Twin Cities.

Shirley Bednarz, Ph.D. is a partner in the firm. She specializes in professional development issues including team building and corporate communications.

Successful businesses today have an internal focus on the needs of the customers, rather than on the internal processes of improoving profitability and cutting costs. Companies that have downsized and reengineered their companies based upon improving internal operations have discovered that it has ultimately cost them customers and profits. A recent Hardvard business School study demonstrated the fact that a 2% retention of existing customers equals a 10% cust in operating expenses.

Bednarz Business Strategies stresses the principles of customer focused selling in its training programs. This is based upon of thousands of hours of ongoing research on the changing needs of the marketplace.

 As a matter of practice, Bednarz Business Strategies continues its research on an ongoing basis to provide their clients with current and state of the art techniques to train their sales staff.

Additionally, all training programs are customized to the specific needs of the client company. Programs can be tailored to work with one sales person for one on one training to solve specific problems to training the entire sales force. Whatever the problem, Bednarz Business Strategies designs the solution to meet the needs of the client.

Bednarz Business Strategies works to meet not only the training goals and objectives, but also the specific expectations that the company is seeking to obtain. It believes that it’s one and only mission is to add value to your company.

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