Decision Making

Majorium delivers the training companies are seeking to develop decision making skills on multiple levels by teaching managers, supervisors and employees how to identify issues and root causes, analyze and diagnose them, and make the appropriate decisions based upon the available solutions.
/Delegation/Delegation is a process that must be developed over time. Majorium’s training teaches managers and supervisors how and why they need to diagnose and analyze specific tasks and assignments to ensure they are appropriate for delegation, while identifying and screening candidates for the assignment. Managers and supervisors are actively trained in the practical techniques and strategies required to accomplish these objectives and are given the activities to apply these to the workplace.
/Design and Evaluation/

Majorium delivers a comprehensive variety of evaluation, content development and instructional design services to support corporate training departments and to take advantage of new and innovative training experience and expertise. Your organization will accomplish more with limited resources in shorter time frames, while sustaining and improving the quality and substance of its training programs. This dramatically reduces development time and costs, maximizing the speed of development and implementation.

Majorium’s evaluation, content development and instructional design services are divided into three major categories:


Evaluation of Organizational Training
Often training executives seek a new perspective and insight on their programs and initiatives. When a fresh set of eyes is required, use Majorium’s design team to evaluate, make recommendations and assist you to maximize the impact of your organization’s training. Majorium will bolster your existing training efforts by evaluating:

  • Training programs for skill and knowledge gaps
  • Programs and content for their ability to achieve business goals and objectives
  • Strategic alignment of training initiatives and competencies with business goals and objectives
  • Instructional designs to analyze their effectiveness in meeting training goals and objectives
  • Areas for cost reduction and improvement


Strategic Design Services
Many training executives are required to strategically align training with business goals and objectives. Unfortunately, they may have limited resources or expertise within their departments to adequately accomplish this alignment in a timely fashion. In other instances, they must create comprehensive training initiatives, but find the task overwhelms their staff.

In both instances and in many other circumstances, you can rely on Majorium’s design team to support you and accomplish these tasks in a timely and efficient fashion, saving you design and development time and costs by:


Content Development and Instructional Design Services
Majorium’s design and development services offer companies a great deal of flexibility to support their training staffs and departments. Several examples of variations include the ability to:

  • Design and develop original training content and/or a unique instructional framework tailored to organizational goals
  • Combine content and/or instructional design with content adapted from Majorium’s extensive training library
  • Adapt and modify existing Majorium content and instructional design
  • Utilize a customer’s existing training content through Majorium’s innovative instructional design
  • Match Majorium’s content with a customer’s training philosophy
  • Design and develop assessment and measurement programs aligned with Dr. Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels (Evaluating Training: The Four Levels)

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