Desired Outcomes Companies Are Seeking to Achieve

The desired outcome managers are seeking is found in accessing the vast pool of native knowledge possessed by their employees to develop the workforce. This knowledge and expertise can be used to develop other less experienced employees, solve problems and address critical issues. By accessing this knowledge base, managers can accelerate growth, increase competitiveness and enhance profitability.

As a direct result of this solution, employee involvement and empowerment rises markedly as decision making and problem solving is driven down deeper within the organization. Employees develop both the critical and creative thinking skills needed to address problems with innovative and effective solutions.

It is not enough to assign these roles to individual lower-level employees. They need to acquire the additional skills and synergy to work together in groups and teams to be effective in their new roles and responsibilities.

The desired outcome is to create forums in which information, ideas, insights, experiences and expertise are shared. Employees train each other in this environment by sharing best practices and experiences. Training can no longer be confined to the simple presentation of information without elevated levels of interaction that combines both internal and external sources of information. Employees must learn how to combine information, adapt it for their use and apply it to the problems and issues confronting them. They must become adept at working and learning in a cooperative atmosphere and apply these skills to the workplace. This is a critical paradigm shift in how employees learn and develop skills in the workplace.

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