High-Potential Employee Development

High-Potential Employee Development
Opportunity Engineering Workshop

Majorium’s Opportunity Engineering Workshop is a five-day learning experience that focuses on the development of creative thinking and intrapreneurship skills within the corporate environment. It is designed for the development of high-potential employees and spotlights their abilities and results to senior management.



The program begins with a two-day high-level management seminar that trains learners in critical thinking, group dynamics, coaching and intrapreneurship. Participants learn how to apply these skills and overcome the roadblocks they may encounter in the workplace.

At the completion of the seminar, the class is broken into learning teams. They are assigned a task to design a new product or service that their company can implement within its current business mission.

The learning teams must account for all aspects of the product or service, including:

  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human resources requirements
  • Materials management
  • Necessary startup procedures
  • Implementation plan and timetable

Each learning team will be required to create a prototype, working model or explanation model as part of the assignment as well as a 15-20 minute explanation of their idea. Opportunity Engineering Workshop projects will be presented to a panel of judges, selected by the company, who will evaluate them based upon their innovation, feasibility and profit potential. These judges typically would be individuals on the vice presidential level. Majorium works with companies to establish their evaluation criteria prior to the workshop.




Majorium’s Opportunity Engineering Workshop fulfills a specific role in your learning and development programs as a platform to expand the skills and abilities of your high-potential employees. In addition, the process also serves to:

  • Stimulate thinking within a product development or marketing group
  • Foster creative thinking skills with specific employee groups such as designers and engineers
  • Provide a rich learning environment for select employee groups and foster social networking within your organization
  • Jumpstart new organizationwide programs and initiatives
    Develop new and innovative product ideas and concepts


Potential Impact Upon Your Organization

Our program will positively impact your company through transference and transformation in the following ways:

  • Transforming your organizational culture especially when projects cascade throughout the organization
  • Minimizing corporate pressure to reduce ineffective training by ensuring that all learning supports and is aligned with corporate goals
  • Creating a broadly based personal network of colleagues that is critical to the success of senior management

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