• The six most important word in sales: “I admit I made a mistake.”
    The five most important words “You did a good gob.”
    The four most important words: “What is your opinion.”
    The three most important words” Will you please…”
    The two most important words: “Thank You.”
    The most important word: “We.”
    The least most important word: “I”
    Source: New Account Selling


  • The Four Way Test

    In 1932 Herbert Taylor assumed the management of a failing aluminum pots and pans manufacturing in depths of the Great Depression. At that time, the ethics of his industry were in question. As a matter of fact, ethics and morals of many businesses and business people were called into question. Many people pointed to their greed as the root cause of the depression and all were seeking to blame someone. Herbert Taylor decided that something had to be done, at least in his business to change this atmosphere. After some consideration, Mr. Taylor created the Four Way Test for his business. It was to govern everything that was said and done to his customers, employees and vendors. Using this simple test as a guide for his business, Taylor was able not only turn the business around, take it out of bankruptcy but build it into a successful
    business. The company – Club Aluminum Products of Chicago, Il.
    Herbert Taylor in 1942 became the President of Rotary International, which adopted the Four Way Test as part of it’s underlying doctrine.
    In today’s ethical and moral climate this simple test is a way for us to build credibility and trust with our customers, employees and vendors. Apply it to your professional and personal life. It’s a great tip. It will build your business as it built Herbert Taylor’s. It can build yours.

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