Issues Addressed by Majorium's Five Stage Program

Assessing employee knowledge is problematic for many companies: many employees are afraid that if they disclose what they know they will lose their jobs to lower-paid and less experienced individuals. Majorium's Five Stage Program overcomes this reluctance by the use of peer-driven Knowledge Exchange Forums where sharing of experiences and expertise is encouraged to solve common pressing problems experienced by the group. Individuals are approached in a non-threatening and positive manner for the clear purpose of helping each other.


Participant instructional materials provide managers and trainers a means of bringing sensitive issues out in the open in a positive and constructive manner. The structure of Majorium's Five Stage Program ensures that the program follows a disciplined approach that removes emotionalism from issues and handles discussions in a positive manner. This reduces and eliminates negative employee attitudes. Participant interactivity and involvement yields a positive work environment and employee motivation by focusing the group on building results.

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