Leadership Simulation Laboratory

The Leadership Simulation Laboratory

Majorium’s Leadership Simulation Laboratory creates a controlled environment where participants, through real-world situations, work to solve complex problems that incorporate unanticipated factors and variables as well as create various levels of stress, risk and uncertainty.

The Leadership Simulation Laboratory is fast paced, engaging and challenging. Using specific customer scenarios, participants must employ critical thinking and decision making skills to develop solutions, alter them as new information and data is received, and optimize them by dissecting and analyzing specific consequences and ramifications.


Critical Proficiencies Incorporated
Into Majorium’s Simulation Laboratory

  • Analytical Skills
  • Change Management
  • Collaborative Problem Solving
  • Communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • Paradigm Thinking
  • Risk Analysis
  • Small Group Decision Making
  • Team Building


Features of Majorium’s Leadership Simulation Laboratory

  • Immerses participants into a fast paced, challenging and engaging environment to develop solutions for real-world customer/business/workplace scenarios
  • Injects real-world factors and variables during the simulation that generate various levels of risk and uncertainty
  • Jolts participants from their comfort zones into paradigm thinking in order to consider alternative fact-based solutions
  • Develops proficiency in the critical thinking and decision making skills required to make optimal decisions at the appropriate time
  • Instills group problem solving skills in a fast paced and high-powered environment
  • Reveals how and why optimal solutions are shaped, influenced and impacted through factors such as time, response and information
  • Incorporates comprehensive analytical thinking skills in order to consider decision-related consequences and ramifications
  • Focuses on the methods and skills necessary to effectively make and manage decisions within a rapidly changing environment
  • Demonstrates the intricacies of consequences and trade-offs in order to arrive at a final optimal solution

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