Learning Solution Engineering

Learning solution engineering is the science of evaluating your company’s learning needs and creating a solution that identifies goals and objectives, outcomes, time, access, budget and a host of other variables. Majorium’s learning solution engineering services are an extension of your corporate training department and support the efforts of your staff, while infusing your organization with new and innovative ideas and concepts that stimulate progress.

We closely evaluate a company to understand:

  • The nature of the learning problem
  • Specific training goals and objectives
  • Business strategies, goals, objectives and desired outcomes
  • How quickly a solution is required
  • The number and type of employees to be trained
  • The location of the employees to be trained
  • The available budget and budget constraints

Based upon the information uncovered, we will engineer an appropriate learning solution to meet your needs. We will develop a creative and innovative instructional design that implements the solution and is aligned with the strategies, goals, objectives and desired outcomes of your business. To complete the learning solution process we will create the courseware incorporating our content in the instructional design.

Majorium will produce all components required to deliver the course, including: instructional manuals, participant materials, tools, activities, exercises, training scripts, and PowerPoint presentations. All materials are produced to your desired design specifications and training format.

Many may confuse learning solution engineering with instructional design. While instructional design is a factor in engineering an effective learning solution, it is only a tactical component of the strategic service. In this regard, Majorium will work with you to identify the unique goals and objectives you wish to achieve and the specifications and constraints that must be incorporated into the ultimate solution. Based upon the established criteria, Majorium will engineer a solution that best fits your company’s goals and objectives.

Majorium has a variety of learning tools, including: innovative instructional designs, activities and exercises, as well as an extensive library of well-researched instructional content. Using these tools, and those available from our customers, our experienced design team can engineer a seamless learning solution that is easy for employees to understand and apply to their jobs.


Learning Solution Engineering Process 


The learning solution engineering process incorporates six stages:

Pre-Project Development
Majorium works closely with the customer to identify their needs and to align a program with their business goals, objectives and desired outcomes. Before creating a pre-project development plan we must fully understand what the customer wants to achieve and the desired outcome the resulting instructional design must produce to be considered successful.

Evaluation, Alignment and Design
Majorium conducts a comprehensive step-by-step review and evaluation of the instructional design project to develop a complete understanding of the desired goals and outcomes, undisclosed needs, and the surrounding organizational culture. When completed, Majorium engineers a comprehensive performance-based learning solution. This includes an alignment of the business goals, objectives and desired outcomes with the training and the creation of specific learning objectives.

Majorium will develop the instructional content and materials based upon the learning solution and instructional design that was engineered by its design team. All instructional content and materials will be developed to the customer’s specifications and to Majorium’s exacting instructional design standards.

Majorium will produce the instructional materials to the standards of the customer, incorporating their training designs and graphic layouts.

Training and Pilots
When the courseware is completed, Majorium will conduct a train-the-trainer program for the customer’s trainers teaching them how to effectively use the courseware to generate results and achieve the desired outcomes. We then evaluate the results from a pilot course and make any required modifications.

After training and piloting, the courseware is ready for implementation. Majorium will support the customer and if desired, can deliver the training for them.


Majorium’s learning solution engineering is a strategic extension of corporate training departments and is aligned with their goals and objectives. It provides the experience and expertise that may not be readily available and is performed under their direction and supervision. No internal policy or culture changes are required as the process extends and supports a customer’s existing capacities.

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