Majorium – Blended Interactive Training Course Using Coaching and Mentoring Techniques

The EIC Action Learning Training Program engages, involves and challenges employees on multiple levels within companies to solve real world problems and present measurable deliverables, be it a plan, strategy or new method or concept. Employees are trained in critical skills such as teamwork, team development, problem solving, conflict resolution, personality styles and working within the team environment, to solve problems and develop measurable solutions.

Employees immediately apply these skills in a project environment to solve a problem presented to them as part of the action learning process. They implement solutions, measure and evaluate their results and present the company with a report of the results and outcomes they’ve obtained.


  • Sixteen (16) self-directed lessons sent over a forty-five day (45) period. Each lesson includes a key concept, implications to the user, strategies to apply the concept, points to ponder and a training activity that applies and transfers the concept, knowledge and know how to the workplace.
  • Eight (8) to sixteen (16) hours of preparatory training in critical skills and in action learning principles.
  • Reference Manual- A complete reference manual and guide to be used during and after the project to lead participants through the action learning process and in the transfer of knowledge and application to the workplace.
  • Participant Handbook – Participants revive a handbook that provides detailed instructions on how to complete an action learning project.
  • A detailed Power Point Presentation and Instructor Guide to thoroughly prepare team members with the skills and applications they will need to apply during their action learning project.
  • Charts, Forms and Handouts that participants will use throughout the development of their action learning project.
  • Action Learning Trainer Certification – Required for the facilitation of action learning projects.

Key Benefits

  • Participants combine problem solving with skill development by solving real world problems facing their company on multiple levels.
  • Participants create meaningful and measurable deliverables, such as as a concept, strategy or action plan.
  • Participants learn direct applications and the ramifications of their training. They learn to organize, plan, implement, evaluate, analyze and report the results of their plans.

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