Majorium – Blended Interactive Training Course Using Discussion Groups

Majorium’s Basic Interactive Training Program takes basic training to the next level. It includes an interactive discussion group component that fosters creative thinking skills while reinforcing the training employees receive from their self-directed training lessons.

Discussion groups can be facilitated by trainers, managers, supervisors or for you in peer to peer training. This is an ideal format for managers to use to develop employee development and presentation skills.

Key Elements

  • All of the key elements included in the BasicTraining Program.
  • Facilitator’s Guidebook – A step by step guide for leading up to four (4) weekly discussion groups. Guidebook provides facilitators with detailed instructions on how to run an effective discussion group and detailed steps to manage individual and group problems.
  • Employee Handouts – Individual discussion guides and materials for employees to use in all four (4) weekly instruction groups.

Key Benefits

  • All of the key benefits included in the BasicTraining Program.
  • Self-directed lessons stimulate creative thinking. Interactive discussion groups provides employees with an outlet to discuss, challenge and evaluate their ideas with others who are receiving the same training.
  • Interactive discussion groups reinforce the training that employees receive from the self-directed training lessons.
  • Interactive discussion groups develop shared expertise, applications and solutions that provide immediate applications in the workplace.


  • 192 individual Basic Interactive Training courses are available in leadership, management, sales management, sales, customer service, sales service and workplace issues.
  • Each course delivers in-depth information that is immediately applicable to the workplace. This reinforces learning and increases comprehension and retention.
  • Majorium delivers superior quality content that focuses not only on the “what’s” and the “why’s” of the training, but the “how to’s” of it.
  • Each self-directed lesson is formatted using Informational Architecture to make it easier to use, read, understand and apply.

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