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Majorium designed, created and launched a comprehensive project-based initiative, which was focused on developing an in-depth level of specialization and sophistication for a large Fortune 1000 company.

The objective of the project was to shorten the time required for new sales hires to acquire mastery and proficiency of a complex product line, and to decrease the overall time required to produce sales from eighteen months, to less than six.

The scope of the project included the development of fifteen weeks of intensive on-line learning that incorporated two weeks of instructor-led training at the client’s headquarters. Majorium was responsible for the instructional design and blueprinting of the program, as well as the design and creation of approximately 90% of its courseware.

Additionally, Majorium designed and programmed the virtual environment for learning (VLE) for the delivery, testing, assessment and reporting of results.

The key features included:

  • An instructional design that linked web-based learning with embedded activities evaluated on the job, which were recordable online by sales managers
  • An overall design that incorporated ALL four levels of Kirkpatrick’s evaluation model
  • A program that resulted within each new sales person making or being close to making a first sale by the end of the training program
  • The use of social Web 2.0 learning components that introduced new sales people to the experiences and expertise of seasoned sales people, while providing access to a wealth of additional proprietary sales tools and information.

On a rolling basis, Majorium completed and launched this entire project within seven months. The client reported the program has achieved the goals of shortening the initial sales cycle to less than six months, while measuring an appreciable increase in individual sales performance, when compared to the other sales people who had not received any of the training.

Case Study Outcomes

  • Speed to market – designed and launched within 7 months
  • Engineered and blueprinted a comprehensive learning program, and individual courseware designs
  • Engineered the comprehensive learning program to measure and document each of Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Training Evaluation
  • Pioneered innovative online instructional design for the effective delivery of training content
  • Customized to meet the client’s needs and specifications
  • Integrated learning portal (VLE) development with content development
  • Worked with numerous internal subject matter experts to design and craft client specific content
  • On-budget, within the client’s financial constraints
  • Produced and documented desired results and outcomes
  • Majorium completely managed the project from its design through its launch and validation


Majorium’s Project-Based Initiatives
Focus on Deep Specialization

Majorium’s learning project based initiative services are comprehensive. As a single source provider it is capable of delivering the following complete array of services, including:

  • Analysis and assessment
  • Learning solution engineering and blueprinting
  • Design of specific learning paths and tracks
  • Formulation of innovative and engaging instructional designs
  • Origination of embedded learning and training activities
  • Generation of comprehensive content development including courseware from Majorium’s training library
  • Development of comprehensive content development using the client’s subject matter experts
  • Design and programming of an effective web-based learning platform
  • Utilization and incorporation of Web 2.0 Social Learning components
  • On-demand learning
  • Testing development and implementation
  • Performance evaluation
  • Comprehensive reporting

As a single source provider for the development of project based initiatives, Majorium maximizes the speed to market, while delivering significant cost savings associated with working with one company. Clients have a predictable, stable and steady cost structure, while being guaranteed the overall quality, based on increased performance and productivity.

Key Advantages

The key advantages of utilizing Majorium:

  • It allows companies to focus on deep specialization, rather than dealing with the complexities of designing and creating a comprehensive training program.
  • It allows companies to focus on building more in-depth levels of expertise

– These are ideal for on-boarding programs

– Employees are brought up to speed faster, with deeper levels of expertise

  • It allows companies to do more with less and then do more, in terms of maximizing both efficiency and productivity

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