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Throughout the pages of this website, you will discover a number of prominent case studies that underscore the cutting-edge, state of the artinnovation Majorium can offer to your company.


Majorium’s philosophy is based upon innovation through continuous improvement, always seeking a better way of achieving your objectives through the following means:

Engaging Integrated Instructional Designs

To meet your goals and objectives, Majorium focuses on the creation of engaging and interesting instructional designs, which go well beyond traditional instructor-led and typical e-learning programs.


Our instructional designs incorporate an analysis of:

  • The goals, objectives and desired outcomes of a training project
  • The demographics and learning styles of the learning population
  • The subject matter to be presented
  • The available resources for supporting the training project


Based upon this analysis, Majorium’s design team then identifies the learning:

  • Presentation
  • Methodology
  • Components
  • Style
  • Environment
  • Outcomes
  • Measurement
  • Evaluation
  • Assessment
  • Metrics


The primary goal is to formulate and create an innovative instructional design that ensures the success of the training project.

Integration of All Available Resources

Majorium’s innovative design philosophy believes in the value of structuring and integrating all available resources into its instructional design, so the learner reaches out beyond the classroom or computer to additional resources, such as video and audio clips, tools as well as proprietary information, blogs and wikis that are able to support and facilitate in-depth learning and higher levels of understanding. Our innovative instructional designs produce a more dynamic presentation than typical traditional learning venues.

Embedded Learning

Majorium incorporates embedded learning activities within its instructional design to transfer learning from the classroom to the workplace. Activities are designed to integrate learning concepts with workplace activities and where practical, are then evaluated and graded by the leaner’s immediate supervisor. This ensures that the activity is properly executed, while at the same time demonstrating to the manager the value of training.


This builds managers’ buy-in and support for training within the company. Embedded learning activities work to overcome major barriers to training effectiveness, especially when managers tend to be hostile to training, or are resistant to the introduction of new concepts into the workplace. When they observe and understand how training is linked to performance improvement, they will become more accepting to its introduction and value to their employees.

Performance Based

Majorium believes that learning and training needs to be focused on specific strategies that have an impact, and ones that move the company forward. All of its designs are performance based and fashioned to achieve the specific goals and outcomes desired by the client.

Metrics, Measurement and Evaluation

Incorporated into Majorium’s innovative instructional designs and blueprints are multiple points of measurement and evaluation. These work to fully integrate all Four Levels of Kirkpatrick’s training evaluation, whether using instructor led or web-based learning venues.


Together with the help of the client company, Majorium establishes acceptable performance standards, which are incorporated into the reporting metrics.

Outcomes and Results

Designs are innovatively designed to achieve positive results and all of the desired client’s outcomes.


Majorium develops innovative and stunning graphic presentations that enhance and facilitate improved learning and understanding.

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