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Many companies have attempted to institute learning and development initiatives for their workforce in order to increase both effectiveness and productivity and create a competitive advantage. However, they are often overwhelmed with the complexity of issues when trying to launch these initiatives. Majorium can greatly assist companies to solve this problem by:

  • Clarifying the issues
  • Developing learning plans that are linked to competencies and business goals
  • Mapping training to individual job-based competencies
  • Developing learning tracks
  • Recommending specific courseware that is aligned with goals, objectives and competencies
  • Creating and hosting the delivery platform
  • Branding our courseware and training materials with your own corporate identity
  • Scheduling implementation
  • Implementing learning and development initiatives
  • Managing and monitoring progress against plans and goals


Our process, in a seamless and cost-efficient manner, dramatically reduces the time and costs associated with launching learning and development initiatives. Majorium provides its programs and products in a single and affordable bundle. Many are included as value-added services at no extra charge.


Time and energy has been invested at the front end of the process to develop mission-critical alignment of training with your business goals, desired outcomes and competencies. This provides you with an execution plan mapping the project design from inception to completion.


Active and close collaboration with your design team and training management during this process guarantees the input and feedback necessary to validate program processes, tools and templates.

Strategy Integration

In order for your learning solution to be successful, alignment or strategy integration must be practical, achievable and easily communicated to stakeholders. Whether it is operational efficiency, market growth, retention, or another leading strategic indicator, identification of purpose from the onset (and validating that purpose with your key business leaders) is one of the best practices incorporated in the process.


Managing and tracking your talent in order to address and correct performance gaps is made possible through the creation and integration of learning maps or competency frameworks. In order to ensure positive organization-wide progress, measurement strategies to assess learning effectiveness are created and developed for you.


It is our goal to understand your specific business objectives in order to help you achieve the outcomes relevant to your business.

Administrative Services

We provide the plans and documentation that identifies how all phases of the project will be supported. This ensures that we align ourselves with your development teams to generate quality results, and to help identify areas that require improvement. This answers the following questions:

  • How will management risk and issues be handled?
  • How will performance metrics be defined and reported?
  • What is the process for project review and performance reviews?

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