Majorium – Our Training Method

Majorium is a dynamic and innovative designer and developer of quality training content and programs that help maximize the results and impact customers receive. We utilize our expertise, training innovations, and over 19 years experience to create engaging, interesting and challenging programs that focus on knowledge transfer to improve employee skills in the workplace.

Key Focus

To assist you to achieve your corporate training goals and objectives, we focus on the following six areas:

Strategic Goal Alignment

We actively work with training executives and departments to assist them align training with business goals. Without this mission-critical alignment, training is incapable of producing meaningful results that:

  • Maximize the alignment of learning initiatives to business goals
  • Maximize the support of the organization’s most critical competencies and jobs
  • Maximize the development of learning initiatives to accomplish business strategies and deliver results
  • Maximize the direct business application of content

Improvement of Performance

Our goal is to improve and maximize your employee performance through a mix of innovative programs and services, which allows you to:

  • Identify and develop strategies for performance improvements
  • Identify the skills, knowledge and attributes to perform work more effectively and efficiently
  • Maximize the translation of performance needs into learning objectives
  • Maximize the improvements in both individual and organizational performance
  • Reduce time to proficiency and mastery of skills
  • Maximize the use of job-specific learning
  • Maximize the delivery of performance-based programs that change employee behaviors and impact job performance
  • Maximize workflow learning by embedding training into the work itself
  • Support user generated, self-directed and informal learning

Talent Management and Development

Our programs and services are designed to support talent development and management within your organization and allow you to:

  • Maximize ownership and support of workplace initiatives
  • Increase workplace learning to attract new employees
  • Maximize the integration of learning with functions such as knowledge and talent management

Cost Reduction

Our innovative training design allows us to realize significant cost reductions that we pass on to you. This low-cost approach delivers programs and services of an exceptionally high value to assist you:

  • Maximize the reduction of wasted learning expenses
  • Minimize design and development time and expense
  • Maximize the use of existing staff and learning resources
  • Minimize the costs to develop new content

Measurement and Evaluation

Our performance-based programs deliver documentable results that achieve all Four Levels developed by Dr. Donald Kirkpatrick (Evaluating Training Programs: The Four Levels) who is part of Majorium’s design team. This allows you to:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of all learning programs
  • Maximize the measurement and overall business impact of the learning function
  • Link learning investments and bottom-line impact
  • Maximize the value received from the training investment


Our customizable programs and services offer a great deal of flexibility in order to best match our training design with your company’s overall philosophy, which allows you to:

  • Maximize the use of integrated learning
  • Maximize training content and instructional design use in multiple delivery formats
  • Maximize competency management
  • Maximize the use of informal learning
  • Maximize the ability to extend learning to customers, suppliers and business partners
  • Maximize the use of performance-based simulations

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