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A training director contracted Majorium to design a major project-oriented training initiative. It had to be one that was capable of accurately producing and documenting results. He selected Majorium for the project due to its emphasis on Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Evaluation, and the fact that Donald Kirkpatrick was a member of Majorium’s design team. He liked the fact that Majorium’s instructional design emphasis was based upon overall performance outcomes, and the results he wanted to achieve.

Majorium designed a comprehensive and detailed instructional blueprint for the training program, which included focusing on the three meaningful measurements of learning:

Level Two – Learning

Majorium’s design team utilized an innovative web-based instructional design that incorporated a variety of media and links to both Internet and client resources, to support learning and expand an in-depth understanding of the subject matter being taught.

Level Three – Behavior

Majorium’s design team integrated embedded training activities that transferred learning from the courseware directly to the workplace, for reinforcing a change in behavior, which was then able to be evaluated and graded by the participant’s manager.

Level Four – Results

Majorium’s instructional design generated and documented a series of weekly and incremental results that achieved all of the desired results and outcomes of the full training program.

Majorium’s design team philosophy underscores the belief that the only true measurement of training is the results that it produces and documents. That is the singular reason for any company to make an investment in training. If the training doesn’t have an impact on performance, then the monies invested are wasted.

The outcome of this program, as documented by the client to date, generated a 143% increase in performance, which is compared and contrasted against the population of employees previously trained through more traditional methods utilized prior to the introduction of this program. The client reports an expectation of seeing far greater improvement increases as more employees actively participate in this newly rolled-out training.

Case Study Outcome

  • The development of value through innovative, state of the art and performance-based instructional designs
  • A validated instructional model that generated and documented both results and positive impacts for the client
  • A performance-based instructional design that met the needs of the client, and one that produced the results the client was seeking
  • An integrated and blended cutting-edge, state of the art instructional model that attained Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels, analyzed and noted by Donald Kirkpatrick as being the only one in his knowledge that is capable of accomplishing this achievement
  • A documentable return on training investment that is based upon in-depth client feedback

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