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Donald L. Kirkpatrick, Ph.D. is available to consult with companies regarding both their training and evaluation needs. This provides access to his experience, expertise and perspectives regarding problems and issues that companies are encountering, as well as his personal insights on how to correct them.

Majorium’s Design Team

Evaluation consultation is available with other members of Majorium’s design team who will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of current customer programs and make recommendations to improve and align training with customer’s unique business strategies, goals and objectives.


Both evaluation consultation services are delivered through on-site customer visits. The number of visits will depend upon the depth and scope of the assignment.


The evaluation consultation services are applicable for companies that require assistance aligning business strategies, goals and outcomes to training and need to know how to measure, evaluate and report training results and outcomes in a way meaningful to senior management.

Skill and Competency Identification

Majorium’s design team will conduct a complete evaluation of roles, tasks and assignments to identify the skills and competencies required to be productive and efficient in individual jobs. This includes developing comprehensive job descriptions and aligning training to specific jobs.


Our design team will conduct a series of on-site meetings and focus groups as well as use surveys and other information gathering tools to identify the skills and competencies associated with specific jobs.


Companies use our identification services to detail the skills and competencies required of specific jobs in order to increase employee performance and productivity. The services can also be incorporated into job descriptions and performance evaluations.

Competency Assessment


Majorium offers a series of competency assessment tests and has identified key competencies in multiple disciplines and created individual banks of assessment questions for each competency.


Companies can select up to 10 standardized competency test banks to create an assessment evaluation. Competency tests are available in leadership, management, sales, customer service, sales service, and sales management.


Randomized tests are delivered online and companies can determine the appropriate testing schedule for their employees. Once completed, companies are provided with scores in an excel database. The results can be evaluated and reported as an additional option.


The standardized assessment test is an ideal application for companies with limited budgets who desire to understand the knowledge gaps in key competencies.


When companies have identified specific skills and competencies Majorium can develop assessment tests aligned to those results. Tests will assess the skill and competency levels of individual employees and identify knowledge gaps. We will work with the customer to determine the breadth, scope and length of the test.


Once completed, Majorium can deliver a randomized test or provide it to the customer for their administration. If Majorium administers the test, the results will be reported as determined by the customer at the initiation of the project.


Customized skill and competency assessments are applicable when companies wish to align performance to training and have the need to identify individual skill and knowledge gaps. They can use this information to craft a learning and development program to improve performance by closing these gaps.


Majorium provides companies with detailed evaluation and assessment reports of the various testing and assessment options. These reports include specific recommendations and training plans.


Majorium’s design team evaluates and assesses individual and group test scores, then prepares both individual and group score reports and makes specific recommendations to fill knowledge gaps and improve performance.


Detailed assessment and evaluation reports provide companies with the information that they need to make qualified decisions about the design and shape of future training programs. This will ensure that training initiatives meet the needs of the organization while stimulating progress and improving employee performance.

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