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A director for sales training from a mid-sized services company approached Majorium with a serious problem. The company was experiencing losses due to economic conditions. The director was tasked to rein in out of control spending and consider new resources since current training vendors were nickel and diming him to death. His training budget was slashed. He had to do more with less. It was his responsibility to create a major sales initiative that would significantly increase sales and profitability. However, the proposals he was receiving were falling well outside of his budget.

Majorium’s design team carefully explored his needs. It carefully examined the budget constraints that he needed to work within. The team proposed an effective solution that was able to meet his needs, and desired outcomes. More importantly, Majorium proposed a fixed dollar contract that offered a stable and predictable cost structure.

As part of the solution, the client agreed to assume some of the responsibilities to minimize costs, and agreed to work closely with Majorium on a collaborative basis to produce a quality program. The final solution was one that met his needs and requirements, while remaining within the scope of the original financial constraints.

As the assignment was implemented, Majorium worked closely with the director, and responded to numerous changes without materially affecting the overall cost structure of the original contract. Majorium had the flexibility to absorb the costs associated with these changes, unless they materially impacted the scope of the project, or were made after the work was delivered. Necessary process changes were incorporated without significant additions to the project’s overall costs.

Majorium included numerous value-added services at no additional costs that were not included in the original contract, but which maximized the quality and effectiveness of the overall program.

Case Study Outcomes:

  • The client was able to develop and rollout a highly effective and complex project within the scope and constraints of his budget
  • Partnering with Majorium provided the most effective use of the client’s resources
  • Majorium completed the contract on time and within budget
  • Majorium was flexible and responsive to adapt to a changing development environment, without appreciably increasing costs to deliver many value-added services
  • The client received what was wanted, while reflecting significant savings over what other training providers were offering


How Majorium Delivers Significant Savings

Majorium is a single source provider for all of its offered services. It has the ability to design and create each element included within individualized instructional blueprints, to maximize both time and development efficiencies. For its clients, this produces significant savings in terms of cost, speed to market, and high quality.


Majorium utilizes and delivers a productive and efficient collaborative team environment, which reduces meeting time as it focuses on attaining desired results and outcomes. For its clients, it also generates another significant savings. Due to its ability to utilize cutting edge, state of the art technologies, companies are able to maximize higher positive financial impacts.


By immersing itself into the client’s business, Majorium’s design team successfully maximizes results while minimizing costs and expenses.


Finally, by locating itself outside of major metropolitan areas, Majorium’s overall cost structures are lower than many other providers. These savings are directly passed on to its clients.


When a company adds up the various ways that Majorium works and the flexibility, innovation and adaptability it offers, significant savings are realized without sacrificing either quality or results. Majorium works on all levels with its clients as effective partners to meet their specific needs and requirements.

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