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A learning director sought an integrated solution for launching a major training initiative. He was searching for a single source provider who could deliver an effective solution, meeting all of his complex needs, and requirements, while completing the project on a tight timeline. Most of the third-party vendors he had received proposals from were far too expensive, and had obvious gaps in their proposed solutions.

He accepted Majorium’s proposal, since it provided the answers he was seeking. It was customized and configured to meet his precise needs, and was well within his budget.

The first step undertaken by Majorium was to initiate a complete needs analysis through the utilization of its highly professional design team. It identified the goals and objectives as well as the desired outcomes and results, which would produce a highly successful project. Using the findings of the analysis, the design team then created an overall learning design that included weekly training goals and outcomes, metrics and measurements. Additionally it designed an innovative individual courseware template that would be incorporated for all content development.

Majorium’s design team also generated a comprehensive design for the learning platform, which created a cutting-edge, state of the art virtual environment for learning (VLE). It was capable of delivering and evaluating both training and testing assessments, which were included in the program.

Majorium worked simultaneously on two tracks in order to implement the learning blueprint.

The first track involved course and testing development. Majorium’s design team worked with the client’s subject matter experts to develop over 200 complete web-based courseware packages. Majorium’s standard courseware was utilized for inclusion, and customized to meet the client’s precise needs. Each individual course included embedded quiz questions and an assessment test. Comprehensive tests were also developed and inserted at strategic points within the program to measure overall progress at desired intervals.

Additionally, each course had embedded activities that transferred learning to the workplace. The learning participant’s manager evaluated and graded the performance displayed through each activity. The combined activities were designed to produce documentable results on a weekly basis, and were structured to incrementally build in a step-by-step fashion, and in a controlled manner to obtain the desired results to be achieved at the completion of the program.

The second track configured the learning platform, which generated the desired virtual environment for learning. This included the development of weekly learning paths, as well as the inclusion of social learning Web 2.0 components to facilitate additional learning, and to access the experiences and expertise of more seasoned employees.

Once the program was rolled out, Majorium’s design team was involved in the pilot and validation of the program. Through its professional capabilities, it was able to meet the on-going goals and objectives, as well as being able to completely generating and documenting the desired results.


What Majorium Delivered as a Single Source Provider
in This Case Study

Majorium created value through:

  • Innovation in instructional designs and learning platform designs
  • Assisting the client to respond to change in a speedy manner
  • Designing and developing a learning program that produced and documented results
  • Assisting the client to become more agile to meet the demands of its market, to become more competitive
  • Fulfilling the contract on time and within budget
  • Delivering a scalable, cutting-edge, state of the art learning platform that is capable of expanding as the company grows, without any need for large capital expenditures
  • Producing significant savings resulting from the delivery of integrated services from a single source provider

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