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A newly hired vice president of training approached Majorium during the 4th Quarter. He was tasked to develop a major training initiative, which needed to be launched ASAP. He was under the gun and needed help. To further complicate the problem, he had only a cursory outline of what the program was to include and how it needed to be initiated.

Majorium’s design team worked with him and his staff to identify the goals, objectives and desired outcomes. Based upon this input, the team quickly developed an overall learning plan and blueprint. From this plan, Majorium began to work with subject matter experts to develop the required courseware, assessments, tests and reporting metrics.

Simultaneously, Majorium’s programming team began configuring a learning platform, based upon the client’s specifications. It also developed a project plan that could be easily followed by both Majorium and the client’s learning staff and subject matter experts.

Early in the 1st Quarter, Majorium was informed that senior management demanded that the initiative be launched by March, which was four months ahead of the initial agreed upon schedule.

Majorium quickly responded by first launching the learning platform to meet the client’s most important and pressing needs. It then immediately began to deliver courseware on a rolling basis. All courseware was available to the initial participants as needed by the client.

Majorium was sufficiently flexible to meet these nearly impossible client requests and immediate needs.

Majorium was able to complete the project ahead of schedule and delivered all accompanied courseware by the end of June. At its full completion, Majorium had created and delivered over 175 comprehensive web-based courseware packages, including assessments and tests, as well as a configured learning platform that incorporated comprehensive reporting functionality.


Case Study Outcomes

  • Majorium was able to deliver what was contracted and promised to complete all required phases of the overall project, under an extremely tight deadline, incorporating over 175 web-based courseware packages
  • Majorium delivered a comprehensive learning program that integrated complexity of design, blueprinting, course development, testing and assessment, as well as the design and programming of a learning platform (VLE). It accomplished this as a single service provider of all services
  • Majorium remained on-budget, and within the client’s budgetary constraints despite numerous changes occurring during the entirety of the project
  • Majorium produced and documented the desired results and outcomes, which were based upon the initial learning design
  • Majorium completely managed the entire project, from its design through its rollout and validation
  • Majorium had the flexibility to adjust and adapt and make changes whenever the client requested them

Key Advantages

  • Time is money, not only including the time to develop and create a major learning initative, but from the lost opportunity resulting from employees waiting for training that can positively impact their performance and profitability
  • The design and development of a major learning project, including courseware and the configuration of a learning platform typically averages 23 months for 2,000 users. Majorium has the flexibility and scalability to appreciably reduce the time it takes to bring a large learning project to market, without sacrificing either its quality or results.
  • When time is at a premium, Majorium as a single source provider is capable of delivering a fully integrated solution that is entirely focused on generating results.

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