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When client companies contract with Majorium to provide learning and development services, they have access to a pool of valuable expertise, which is unique in its composition, which includes Donald Kirkpatrick, world-renown corporate training author and consultant.


When Majorium is contracted, the expertise of seasoned and experienced subject matter experts are consolidated into a single collaborative design team. This eliminates the need and expense of hiring a diverse team of individuals or vendors to work on various elements of comprehensive learning and development projects.

Scope of Majorium’s Valuable Expertise

Majorium’s design team includes subject matter experts in the following areas:


The advantages of this level of expertise are readily obvious regarding minimization in time and costs required to design and create a complex project. Research has demonstrated that it typically takes an average of 23 months to create a comprehensive learning and development project for 2,000 participants. Majorium typically averages 6 to 8 months from design to rollout. This speeds a project to market, accelerates implementation and positively impacts the client company, while substantially reducing overall costs.

Key Benefits

The key benefits client companies receive from utilizing Majorium’s design team include:


When client companies contract with Majorium, their projects are assigned to its senior experienced and seasoned design team, not to a group of junior associates. Client companies are guaranteed to receive the highest level of expertise for producing exceptional results.


When Majorium’s design team either analyzes or designs learning and development programs and activities, it provides unique insights and perspectives resulting from years of experience. If offers professional insight and input on what is needed to create effective, meaningful and engaging learning, while generating results to create a positive, exciting, interesting and motivating environment in which to learn.

Intelligent Design

Majorium’s design team focuses on what will work best to meet client companies’ needs and specifications to improve performance and produce results. The team recognizes that each individual company is unique and that every solution must be designed and focused to meet its specific, individual needs, timelines and specifications.


Majorium’s design team focuses on creating innovative solutions to engage learners. It also concentrates on communicating clearly and effectively to produce results that are solely based upon the unique needs of each and every company.

Impact and Performance

Everything Majorium does is designed to maximize positive impacts and improve performance. Measurement and evaluation is an intrinsic component of each program, so that the investment of training is justified through the results it produces.


Majorium provides client companies with a unique combination of talent, seasoned experience and expertise to ensure the success of any project. This collaboration results in significant cost savings, flexibility, innovation and speed to market, which is extremely difficult to match.

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