Majorium's Training Support Services

Support services offered by Majorium include a Train the Trainer certification
program, as well as a full suite of testing and evaluation services.

Needs & Skills Assessments
Majorium can deliver a training needs survey to evaluate company
training needs or to justify a training budget. It also can deliver
either pre-designed
or customized skills assessment testing based upon competencies.
Both of these services ensure that training is delivered where it
is needed
to protect company training investments.

Testing & Evaluation
Bundled within Majorium’s training programs are course testing and
training evaluations. Optional web-based testing is also available.
Employees who obtain an 80% or higher on their tests have their
training certified.

Kirkpatrick’s Evaluation of Training
Majorium assesses its training using Kirkpatrick’s four levels
of training evaluation including acceptance, learning, transference
and results.
It is able to do so because its training is specifically designed
to accomplish each of these four levels in its instructional

Adaptation & Customization
Additional support services available from Majorium include adapting
existing courseware to achieve corporate trainers’ and managers’
goals and objectives or developing customized courses to fill
the gaps that
exist in their current training programs.

Comprehensive Reporting
Majorium bundles comprehensive reporting into its training
programs. These include assessment and survey results, as
well as testing
results for individual courses and training evaluations.
Training reports
can be adapted to achieve corporate trainers’ and managers’
objectives. Reports can be integrated into their existing
learning management

Optimal Design Flexibility
Majorium’s support services provide corporate trainers and
managers with optimal design flexibility. This flexibility
allows them
to create training programs that achieve their training
objectives, including
customizing content, integrating training and documenting
results through flexible reporting formats.

Bundled Training Services
Many training companies segment their services and charge
separately for each one of them. One of Majorium’s key
features is that
it bundles most of its support services into its standard
programs. These include
testing, evaluation, certification and comprehensive
reporting. Training needs surveys, assessment testing, on-line testing,
customization are available optional services.

In many
instances, competitors’ basic training fees are much
than the
fees typically charged
by Majorium’s complete bundled services. This reduces
the costs and increases the value offered by Majorium. It delivers
impact for a company’s training dollar by delivering
better training

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