Performance-Based Learning Simulation

Majorium’s Five Stage Integrated Training Program is a performance-based learning simulation that delivers specialized, interactive tools, content, activities and exercises. It teaches learners high-level business acumen in a real-world risk-free setting. People learn by doing. The only way anyone learns anything is through practice. Education is all about practice.

The goal of the exercise is not to teach learners how to perform a specific task, but rather to ingrain problem solving and decision making proficiency in a given role, whether the responsibility is managing employees, selling a product or assisting customers. As it is not always feasible or possible for companies to provide coaches and/or traditional in-training, Majorium’s Performance-Based Simulation Training is an excellent alternative. It’s an adjunct to make training much more efficient and completely immersion-based so trainees leave saying, “I understand the experience…I know exactly what to do.”

If companies have limited budgets and want to invest in people development, they will find that Majorium’s Performance-Based Simulation Training is more effective than existing traditional training methods to change behaviors, increase performance, and drive business results.

Courses are available in the following areas:

Customer Service
New Sales
Sales Service
Sales Management
Workplace Compliance


Performance-Based Simulation Training

Stage One – Instruct

Learners are provided with quality content to fill knowledge gaps. They read about best practices, processes, definitions, and receive specific applications to develop solutions and address issues.

Stage Two – Capture

Individuals are assembled into learning teams and meet to discuss, share and exchange knowledge, expertise, best practices and experiences, on multiple occasions. They identify areas for improvement, conduct discussions, as well as make and justify decisions. The environment allows for interactive and collaborative feedback and insight from multiple perspectives.

Stage Three – Transfer

One or more learning teams are assembled in an instructor-led classroom program. Learning teams develop action plan learning simulations using the tools, activities and exercises delivered during the session. The instructor-led classroom program reinforces the knowledge and skills acquired as well as how to adapt them to the organization’s unique culture, environment and situation while preparing learners for miscalculations, delays, bad breaks, monkey wrenches and other obstacles they may experience.

Stage Four – Apply

Either learning teams or individual learners implement the action plan learning simulation in the workplace. They are placed into a brand new situation where they must solve problems and make multiple decisions. The consequences of the decisions are then played out. Errors will be made and learners must work through and recover from them. They learn by applying and practicing their new skills until they get them right. This provides for a smoother transition of these skills from the learning environment to the workplace.

Stage Five – Evaluate

The learning teams assemble to discuss, evaluate and analyze the results of the action plan learning simulation. They identify the lessons that were learned from errors and mistakes and how to transfer what was learned to the workplace to improve their performance. This leads to greater absorption of the acquired knowledge and skills.


Develop Once and Deliver in Many Ways

The unique instructional design of Majorium’s Five Stage Integrated Training Program delivers a high degree of flexibility for companies to use individual instructional components and content for additional learning applications. Companies can harvest what they want and deliver it in many ways. This drives cost savings for the company in the following ways:

  • Individual instructional components and content can be used to supplement other training
  • Individual instructional components and content can be applied to other learning environments
  • Training is bolstered once the performance-based simulation is completed
  • Development costs are low producing initial savings
  • Individual instructional components and content can be preserved and delivered to other learning platforms
  • Exact same documentation for all additional applications is published


Training Characteristics            

  • People learn by doing in a risk-free environment
  • Learners are encouraged to experiment in realistic scenarios
  • Learners drive the experience
  • Learners get realistic and individualized feedback
  • Rather than completing a final test, learners must master certain behaviors and exhibit higher overall performance to pass the course
  • Majorium’s Performance-Based Simulation Training is part of the integrated learning experience and is a higher-level strategic approach to workforce transformation


Learning Styles

Simulations usually stimulate all of the senses. As distinct individuals, employees will learn in their own way. Some learn by listening to the instruction, others by watching a specific task performed, and still others by performing the task. Majorium’s Performance-Based Simulation Training accommodates all types of learners.

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