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Majorium is a designer and developer of integrated learning programs. Our expertise and training innovations create engaging, interesting and challenging programs that produce documentable results. We work with both large and small companies to promote a culture of learning through the sharing of employee ideas, concepts, experiences and knowledge that is transferred to and reinforced in the workplace.

Majorium’s key programs and services include four major categories:

    • Design and Evaluation


    • Training Programs and Services


  • Reference and Assessment
  • Content Management



Majorium delivers a comprehensive variety of evaluation, content development and instructional design services to support corporate training departments and to take advantage of new and innovative training experience and expertise. Your organization will accomplish more with limited resources in shorter time frames, while sustaining and improving the quality and substance of its training programs. This dramatically reduces development time and costs, maximizing the speed of development and implementation.

Majorium’s evaluation, content development and instructional design services are divided into four major categories:

  • Evaluation of Organizational Training 
  • Strategic Design
  • Content Development
  • Instructional Design



Performance-Based Simulation

Majorium’s Five Stage Integrated Training Program is a performance-based learning simulation that delivers specialized, interactive tools, content, activities and exercises. It teaches learners high-level business acumen in a real-world risk-free setting. It provides companies with the tools, activities and exercises to create an environment where learners practice skills and transfer hands-on experience to job-related tasks.


Plug n’ Play Instructional Programs

Majorium has instituted a design philosophy of “develop once and deliver in many ways.” This approach allows unique flexibility for companies to select individual instructional design components and content to quickly create a customized program that meet your specific needs. This is a low cost, effective alternative to customer course development.


Action Learning

The EIC (Engage – Involve – Challenge) Action Learning Program is a project-centric training initiative where learners work on a real-world company sponsored project. They learn to analyze and evaluate the project, formulate a solution, develop and implement plans, and evaluate the results.


High-Potential Employee Development

The Opportunity Engineering Workshop is designed for cross-functional, high-potential employee development. It features a high level management seminar that focuses on intrapreneurship, critical thinking and new product creation. At the completion of the seminar, learners work in teams to develop new product prototypes, plans and budgets that can be immediately be developed and marketed.


Informal Training

We offer a variety of products and programs that can be employed for informal learning within your company:

Self-Directed Learning Program
Our self-directed learning program d elivers a structured and comprehensive training lesson directly to the learner’s desktop in a PDF format. Training is conducted in the workplace without removing the learner from the workplace. The lessons are transmitted twice a week or on a schedule that you determine. Each lesson is comprehensive and self-contained and focuses upon a single learning concept that takes less than 20 minutes to complete.

Peer-Led Discussion Program
Learner feedback from the users of our self-directed learning program has reported a need to meet with others to discuss the ideas and applications stimulated by this training. To accommodate this need, we offer another informal learning alternative that is linked to our self-directed learning program to create a community of practice. This is our peer-led discussion where learners meet in small groups, led by a peer to discuss what they learned and how to apply it.

Daily Learning Minute Program
The daily learning minute program places an upplet on your employees’ computer screens. It delivers a daily learning concept, linked to a key question and detailed explanation, 365 days of the year for only pennies a day. The program can feature your logo, and content can also be customized to your specifications and/or goals.

A free 15-day trial is available.



Referenceware Library

Majorium has a training library of over 1,400 self-directed and self-paced courses that can be used for informal training, or as reference tools to solve immediate problems and issues.


Testing and Assessment

Dr. Donald Kirkpatrick, developer of the Four Levels of training evaluation, is a member of Majorium’s testing and assessment team. All testing and evaluative services are under his supervision.



Majorium’s design team is available to evaluate and assess your existing learning program to identify gaps and missing linkages, and align it with business objectives to ensure its overall effectiveness.



Hosted Content Management System

We can host your training on our Content Management System that includes comprehensive testing, registration, delivery and reporting functions. This is a low cost alternative for companies who do not possess or wish to invest in an expensive learning management system.

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