Learn the eleven maxims used by all successful sales people. These are the rules of success to follow as you build your sales career. This is a must have for every sales professional. Order yours today!

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The Four Keys to Sales Excellence

These are four building blocks of success in sales or any profession. Build your life on these and you’ll never go wrong. If your success is important to you then you need to order this tape today!

30 Minute Audio Tape         Just $ 19.95

Empowering the Fear of Failure

To many people, failure is a dirty word. Nobody ever fails who is truly successful, yet the truly successful have failed many times. Learn from the lessons of failure to lift yourself to even greater levels of success. This is a tape that you need in your library. Order yours today!

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The Positive Power of Fear

We all must overcome our fears, but with sales professionals it is even more critical. In a profession driven by results, fear can paralyze even the best of us. Learn how to overcome these fears and to harness the power to your personal advantage. Order yours today!

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