Twenty Minute Courses

Each of Majorium’s courses included follow a structured approach to learning. Each refers to a specific concept or problem. The course teaches employees why the information is important for them to learn and apply to their jobs. It then delivers specific tips, techniques or strategies that can be immediately applied to solve a problem, create a plan or develop a strategy. Rather than explain why, each focuses on the “how’s” of a solution. The final element of the course provides employees with points to ponder that clarify the training content and facilitates transference of new skills to the job.

Each course is delivered in PDF format, so there is no need to spend time in an e-learning program. Courses can be read on the computer or printed to create a reference library. Each library can be searched to find an immediate answer to a pressing problem or issue and is available 24/7. Courses are designed to be completed in short blocks of time, typically under twenty minutes and can be completed at the employee’s convenience.

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